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Top Quality Bark Chips For Landscaping Projects!

Call: +27 61 385 1461 - Email: sales@africangardencrafts.co.za

If you are looking for
high quality decorative bark chips for your landscaping projects, then you seriously need to have a chat with us. We supply high quality bark chips in the Gauteng province to landscapers as well as individual home owners.

Among the top purchasers for our bark chips are
schools, landscapers as well as home owners. The tree bark is useful for all landscaping endeavours, including decorations as well as covering playgrounds for schools. Get a quote today on the following contact details;

Tel: 061 385 1461 email: sales@africangardencrafts.co.za

Product Description

● The bark chips have a size of about 50mm

● They are packaged in 45cmX55cm clear plastic bags

● Great decorative properties

For customers who are in Johannesburg and Pretoria,
we can deliver the bark chips to an adress of your choice. Our delivery fee is as follows;

Delivery Fee

Again, here are our contact details;

Tel: 061 385 1461 email:sales@africangardencrafts.co.za
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