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Bark Chips For Sale In Johannesburg, South Africa

Call: +27 61 385 1461 - Email: sales@africangardencrafts.co.za

Are you looking for bark chips for sale in the Johannesburg and Pretoria areas in Gauteng? Look no further. African Garden Crafts (Pty) Ltd is a
bulk bark chips supplier in Johannesburg, Pretoria and other surrounding areas in the Gauteng region.

The price of our bark chips is unbeatable in the Gauteng region especially for bulk purchases of the bark chips. A
cheap price for bark chips, coupled with a very efficient low cost delivery service, makes us a supplier of choice for most businesses as well as individuals.

bark chips for sale

Tel: 061 385 1461 email: sales@africangardencrafts.co.za

At any one time, we have several bags of bark chips ready for delivery to our customers. So, whether you
buy bark chips in bulk or, you prefer to go with smaller quantities, you can be certain that we will fulfil your order.

As with most of our products,
the bark chips are delivered to a destination of your choice as long as it is within the Gauteng province. What this means is that you don’t even have to waste your precious time battling to figure out how to get to us.

Just give us a call, and our high quality tree bark chips will be delivered to your address. Here are our delivery fees;

Delivery Fee

Our product satisfies a very diverse need in the South African market.

Those who come to us looking for
playground bark chips tell us that our product serves them very well. We are confident that our bark chips work very well on playgrounds.

Similarly, those who approach us looking for
landscaping bark chips, report excellent results when using our bark chips. Infact, individuals and businesses looking for bark chips for landscaping constitute a major part of our client base.

We also serve the needs of those who are looking for
garden bark chips for use as mulch or for decorative purposes. Indeed, for gardening, our bark chips are an excellent choice for all home owners as well as businesses.

So, if you want to get cheap garden bark chips, make sure you give us a call now. You will be pleased to realise that we offer some of the cheapest bark chips for sale in Johannesburg.

If you’re looking for bark chips for your orchids, you can also be sure that our product will serve you very well. Our bark chips have been used in orchids by a number of our clients with great results.

Some of our clients use our bark chips for chicken runs, for composting and a host of other uses. Clearly, we offer the best bark chips money can buy with a diverse range of uses.

So, what is the cost of our bark chips?

The price of our bark chips is highly reasonable. The product is packaged in 45cmX55cm clear plastic bags with a
minimum order quantity of 10 bags. You can call us for a highly competitive quote.

So, if you’re really looking for where to buy bark chips in Johannesburg or Pretoria, please make us your first stop. We’ll be glad to supply you with high quality bark chips at near wholesale prices.

Tel: 061 385 1461 email: sales@africangardencrafts.co.za
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