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Do Bark Chips Help To Keep Weeds Down?

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One question that is often asked by visitors to our site is
whether bark chips are actually useful in preventing weeds from growing. Some of these people want to use the bark chips in pathways and need assurance that they won't have to battle with weeds once they have added a layer of bark chips.

Others are plant growers who want to use the bark chips to
suppress weeds so that their plants can have a fighting chance.

Let's face it, weeds can really spoil your very best efforts to make your garden look beautiful. Not only are they unsightly, they also
compete for the very same nutrients that your plants want to live on.

Worse still, they are difficult to get rid of. An effort at pulling then out is an undertaking that no one is ever pleased with.

Some people end up using weed killing sprays. However, these may ultimately have a very negative effect on your plants. What you need are
plant friendly methods of controlling the unwanted weeds without putting the life of your plants at risk.

Bark chips have been used for weed suppression for a long time and they are very effective at it.

So, how do bark chips suppress weeds?

To begin with, just like any other plants, weeds need exposure to the sun in order to survive and grow. Without this vital source of life giving energy, they die. Indeed, all life on earth dies without the sun.

So, a solid layer of bark chips covering the ground essentially
creates a barrier that blocks the weeds from getting the sun. The bark chips form a cover through which the sun cannot pass to give life to the weeds.

Please note that if you put bark chips after the weeds have already started to spring up, there's a greater chance that they will push their way through and all your efforts will be in vain.

The secret is to ensure that
there are no weeds at the time that you add the bark chips.

Secondly, as weed seeds are spread around by winds, they need the top fertile soil on which to land and then germinate. When the soil is covered with bark chips, it means that
the seeds will land on the chips instead of directly on the soil.

The net effect is that the seeds have no access to the nutrient-rich soils on which they can grow. They therefore just decompose and die a natural death and, once more, you are saved from weeds through a layer of bark chips.

As you can see, bark chips come in very handy when it comes to weed control. However, there's lots of related benefits of using bark chips in suppressing weeds and, here's just a few;

1. Eventually the bark chips break down and decompose giving your soil a lot of needed nutrients

2. By putting a layer of bark chips over the soil, the bulk of the moisture is retained within the soil as the chips slow down the process of evaporation

Be aware however, that,
too thick a layer of bark chips may also prevent water from reaching your plants in sufficient quantity.

So, there you have it. Now, go out and place a nice layer of bark chips in your garden. If you need some bark chips, please do contact us on the following contact details

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