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Chicken Manure For Sale In Pretoria & Johannesburg, Gauteng

Call: +27 61 385 1461 - Email: sales@africangardencrafts.co.za

Are you looking for chicken manure for sale in Pretoria or Johannesburg? Look no further. Our company is the
prime supplier of chicken litter in the Gauteng region. We sell the chicken litter at great prices that cannot be matched anywhere else.

Our bagged chicken manure makes great fertilizer and it’s for sale at prices you will be happy with.
The manure is bagged in 25kg bags and we have in stock several bags at any one time.

chicken manure for sale

Tel: 061 385 1461 email:sales@africangardencrafts.co.za

What this means is that those who are looking for bulk quantities of chicken manure for sale are also well catered for. Although we are more happier with those who buy the chicken manure in bulk quantities, we can still handle
small quantities of not less than 10 bags per order.

A key advantage of buying the chicken manure from us, is that we are one of the few suppliers of chicken manure in South Africa who
will deliver the product to your doorstep.

So, you cannot only count on a great price for the chicken manure, you also enjoy the convenience of having it delivered to a place of your choice in the Gauteng province

Delivery Fee

The chicken litter we have for sale is first dried before being bagged. This eliminates the nasty smell and ensures that it can be stored for a lengthy period of time.

We have been in this business for long, which means that we know exactly how to satisfy your needs. So, if you’re looking for a place where you can buy chicken manure for fertilizer or other uses, at great prices, we must be the first place you approach.

So, what will it cost to buy our chicken manure?

Our chicken litter is available for sale in 25kg bags at a very reasonable price. Please give us a call for a quick quote today on the following contact details;

Tel: 061 385 1461 email:sales@africangardencrafts.co.za

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