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Are Green Moss And Sphagnum Moss The Same Thing?

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A question that some of our customers often ask is
whether sphagnum moss and green moss are the same thing. This question is undestandable especially in view of the fact that both types of moss are green in color.

While the color is the same, there is however a distinct difference between green moss and sphagnum moss. We sell high quality sphagnum moss at great prices.

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Perhaps, the biggest difference between the two types of moss is in the fact that
sphagnum moss has long fibers while green moss has short fibers. The key term to grasp here is "long fibers"

The fact that sphagnum moss has long fibers makes it very useful for potting orchids. This is largely due to the fact that the long fibers are essential for water retention as well as aireating soils.

Green moss on the other hand doesn't have long fibers and can be a sure disaster if one tries to repot plants using it.

As such therefore, green moss finds use sometimes as a top dressing to make plants aesthetically pleasing to look at and other decorative endeavours. Our moss is the long fibered sphagnum moss and is therefore suitable for repotting plants and orchids.

Green moss and sheet moss are almost one hundred percent the same thing.
Both types of moss are in no way to be used for potting or repotting orchids.

While green moss is readily available at most garden nurseries, sphagnum moss is pretty hard to find. Sphagnum moss also comes at a much higher price than the green moss.

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Tel: 061 385 1461 email:sales@africangardencrafts.co.za

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