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Is Sphagnum Moss Good For Potting Orchids?

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If you're looking for high quality
sphagnum moss for potting or repotting your orchids at prices that won't break the bank, then we are the people to talk to. Operating from Johannesburg, in the Gauteng province of South Africa, we supply sphagnum moss to orchid growers throughout the country at the same low prices that we sell it for in Gauteng.

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Sphagnum moss is an excellent substrate for potting orchids and this is for very good reason. To begin with, for orchids, you need a potting medium that has
excellent water retention capabilities. Sphagnum moss holds water extremely well, partly due to its long fibres.

This is in contrast to peat moss which has poor water retention capabilities.

Secondly, sphagnum moss is ideal for orchids because of its ability to drive massive quantities of air through your plants.

Another key advantage of sphagnum moss for orchid growers is in the fact that
it has a neutral ph value which is great for the plants. Most of us are well aware of the fact that soils that are too acidic are not ideal for most plants.

It is therefore crucial for orchid growers to
use a substrate that will not be harmful to plants if they are to get the correct results. Sphagnum moss fits the bill perfectly.

At African Garden Crafts, we sell high quality sphagnum moss that has proven to be very popular with orchid growers. Contact us on the following contact details

Tel: 061 385 1461 email:sales@africangardencrafts.co.za
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