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Sphagnum Moss For Sale In Johannesburg, South Africa

Call: +27 61 385 1461 - Email: sales@africangardencrafts.co.za

African Garden Crafts is one of the premier suppliers of sphagnum moss in South Africa. We have
very high quality sphagnum moss for sale to buyers in Gauteng, Cape Town, Durban and, indeed, the whole of South Africa.

Our low wholesale prices for the sphagnum moss cannot be matched anywhere in the country.

If you have been searching for a place where you can find and
buy sphagnum moss in bulk at wholesale prices in South Africa, please give us a call today or just send us an email;

Tel: 061 385 1461 email:sales@africangardencrafts.co.za

Here are the actual pictures of the sphagnum moss that we sell;

large bag of sphagnum moss
bags of moss

When it comes to sphagnum moss, we are indeed a supplier of first choice for garden nurseries, florists, landscapers as well as orchid growers and even those who use the moss for lining wire baskets.

Although we
sell the sphagnum moss from Johannesburg in Gauteng, we often ship bulk quantities of sphagnum moss to customers as far as Cape Town and Durban using courier companies.

Product Description

• Green live sphagnum moss that is collected above the ground
• Free of dust and most contaminants found in its natural habitat
• The moss is
sun dried making sure it retains its beautiful natural colour
• Packaged in 45cmX55cm clear plastic bags
• Available in any quantity you may need
• The sphagnum moss is
sold at low wholesale prices

It is this dry, green sphagnum moss that is distributed in bulk to buyers throughout the country. We often prefer that the customer provides a courier company of their own choice.

For customers who are based in the Gauteng region, deliveries to the customer’s address can be arranged. There is however a
separate delivery fee that is charged depending on the order size.

Considering the fact that we are not a retailer,
we only have bulk quantities of sphagnum moss for sale to end users as well as retailers.

Contact us today for a low price on moss!!!

Tel: 061 385 1461 email:sales@africangardencrafts.co.za
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