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What Are The Main Uses Of Sphagnum Moss?

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One of our best selling products at African Garden Crafts is sphagnum moss. I've always wondered what it is exactly that our customers use the moss for.

Not being much of a user of the sphagnum moss, l decided that the best way to know for sure is to ask those who actually use it.

Frankly, l always thought that my customers
use the moss only for gardening. How wrong l was!!! There are several uses of sphagnum moss, and, in this post,l want to look at some of them.

Using Sphagnum Moss for Potting Orchids

One of the biggest uses of sphagnum moss is in the
potting and repotting of orchids. Infact, when it comes to the potting of orchids, sphagnum moss is probably the best medium to use and it offers benefits that you may not get from any other potting medium.

Our sphagnum moss is often put to great use in potting orchids by orchid growers across South Africa and the results are great. This is due to the fact that, when
sphagnum moss is used for orchids, it aerates soils and has great water retention capabilities.

Sphagnum Moss Used For Lining Wire Baskets

Some of our customers
use the sphagnum moss as a lining for wire baskets. This gives the baskets a natural look that is aesthetically pleasing.

One customer of ours from the Western Cape, gets some unemployed community members to make wire baskets for her. The baskets are then expertly lined with sphagnum moss and then sold for profit.

The unemployed community members benefit and the entrepreneur also benefits. It's a double win for all who are involved in the project.

Sphagnum Moss Used As Substrate For Bonsai Trees

Some of our customers say that they
use sphagnum moss as a growing medium for bonsai trees. The full development of the moss into a correct medium for bonsai trees seems to be a very technical process that l am completely unfamiliar with.

What l know however, is that the customers seem to get very good results when
using moss as a substrate for their bonsai plants. If you have better detail on how the substrate is made and you are willing to share, please send me details by email.

Using Sphagnum Moss For Decorations

One of the most popular
uses of sphagnum moss is for decorations. We do get quite a number of customers who want to purchase moss for decorations especially at weddings and other big events.

I guess the "how" part of using moss for decorations really boils down to one's imagination and individual tastes. There are possibly a thousand and one ways in which one can use sphagnum moss for decorations.

Sphagnum Moss Used For Starting Seeds

If you're an avid gardner, you probably know of a fungal disease called "damping off". This fungal disease normally targets seedlings roughly 7 to 10 days after germination and emergence from the soil with fatal consequences.

Sphagnum moss is known to
have fungistatic substances that essentially inhibit the development of this disease thereby giving your plants a fighting chance.

As you can see, there are several uses for sphagnum moss. l haven't even touched on some of the popular uses such as using it for making moss balls, decorative artwork, as a soil conditioner, etc. I've only touched on what l consider to be some of it's main uses.

If you're looking to
buy high quality sphagnum moss for your projects, please don't hesitate to give us a call today. Here are our contact details;

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Do you have any other use for sphagnum moss that you'd like to share? Just send me an email and I'll include it in the next update of this article.

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